Rick Anderson

Rick AndersonRick Anderson grew up in the west, living in California, Texas, and Wyoming. He graduated from the University of Wyoming with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and then attended the University of Notre Dame Law School, graduating in 1976. It was while practicing law in Wyoming that he was saved by God’s grace. Rick was involved in a private practice and then as a criminal prosecutor for 10 years. In 1987 he began attending the Master’s Seminary and upon graduation was called to Faith Community Church. Rick has been pastoring at Faith Community since 1989. He is married to Penny and has three married daughters and five grandchildren.

Tim Sheehy

Tim SheehyA California native and a former youth soccer coach, Tim’s hometown is Riverside. Educated at Stanford, Northwestern, and The University of Texas for his day job as a neurologist, and raising 5 children with his wife, Lesli, Tim Sheehy has been an elder at Faith Community Church since 1988 and a Sunday school teacher for a little bit longer.

Jonathan Downing

Jonathan DowningJon was born in 1971 and raised in California and was re-born in Christ in 1992. According to the good pleasure and kindness of God’s grace, Jon with his lovely bride Danielle and five children, moved from the Bay Area in northern California to make Oxnard and Faith Community Church their new home. They were quickly blessed with two more children, bringing their final score to: Boys-5; Girls-2. Initially pursuing a career path in law enforcement, Jon graduated from SJSU in 1997 with a degree in Administration of Justice- which now comes in quite handy in raising a large family! He has worked in various industries and now is employed by a custom builder in Santa Barbara. In 2010, Jon humbly accepted the call to serve Christ in the role of elder in Faith Community Church.