The qualifications for the office of deacon are described in I Timothy 3:8-13. Specific responsibilities are not identified; however, based upon the pattern of Acts 6, the role of deacon is generally understood to be to assist the elders in the administration of benevolence and help to the congregation.

Administrative – Russ Shubin

  1. Manage deaconate tasks
  2. Responsible for church office duties and office supplies
  3. Plan and lead deacon meetings
  4. Elder/Deacon liaison

Audio-Video-Web Ministry – Bill Haggerty, Michael Saruwatari(Live audio, website, CD Recording/Post Production)

  1. Operate and maintain audio equipment for Worship Service and Special Events
  2. Digitally record sermons; CD duplication; sermon uploading to website
  3. Website design and maintenance including the church calendar

Building and Grounds – Kevin Bailey, Bill Haggerty (Building & Grounds), Charles Faris (Landscape)

  1. Provide maintenance of the church campus buildings and grounds
  2. Provide research, planning and execution of building and ground projects
  3. Provide landscape design and maintenance

Fellowship Dinner and Special Events – Marty Maciel, Eric Plahn

  1. Set up, serve and break down tables, chairs and equipment
  2. Schedule servers
  3. Purchase of kitchen supplies
  4. Organize and purchase food for special events

Finances, Offering, Mail – Jeremy Chaffin, Russ Shubin (Accounting), All deacons (Offering)

  1. Provide and/or oversee accounting, bookkeeping, investments, insurance and missions contributions
  2. Prepare yearly budget proposal

Lord’s Day Services – All deacons (Lord’s Table and Security)

  1. Sanctuary
  2. Greet worshipers and encourage an atmosphere conducive to worship
  3. Maintain room heating/cooling
  4. Stock pews with hymnals, songbooks and bibles
  5. Lord’s Table
  6. Prepare and serve the Lord’s Supper elements
  7. Security & Emergencies
  8. Responsible for all security and emergency issues


  1. Organize mission projects
  2. Coordinate missionary furlough

New Harvest Christian Academy – Russ Shubin

  1. Liaison between FCC and the school
  2. Update annual contract between the FCC and the school
  3. Post pertinent school events on FCC calendar

Opening and Closing the Facilities – All deacons

  1. Open and close facility for the Lord’s Day services and special events

Print Design and Production – Michael Saruwatari (Sunday bulletin, Special event bulletin insert/flier, Church directory)


  1. Oversight of design and printing of weekly bulletins, special event bulletin inserts/fliers
  2. Annual updating and printing of the church directory

Sunday School/Youth Ministry – Russ Shubin

  1. Oversight of classes, nursery through high school
  2. Monitoring of class growth
  3. Address all needs and concerns: curriculum and classroom supplies
  4. Oversight to the high school leadership team that plans and executes meetings and special events

Toddler Church – Michael Saruwatari

  1. Oversight of scheduling, teaching materials, snacks, drinks, room use

Youth Ministry (High School)

  1. Provide oversight to the leadership team that plans and executes youth meetings and special events

Vacation Bible School – Michael Saruwatari

  1. Oversight of the annual summer VBS program